My Real Face Masks 

A Fun, Lightweight, Very Breathable and Washable Face Covering!          

All Walks of Life Will Love

My Real Face Masks

Best results from your face photo!  

Using some of these photographic tips will help to create a better mask     


"Your Only Limitation is Your Imagination!" 

To see some mask artwork 

Mask Ideas  

Step 1

Take a photo (Arm's length) or use a non copyrighted image or send us your text 

For more info on how to take the best photo for your mask (click here)  

Step 2

Place order using the order system below. Make sure to send as high of quality photo as posible and shoot it straight on.    


Light weight Polyester

Salvation Army

"10% Of All Proceeds Will Be Given To Local Salvation Army's During This COVID-19 Crisis."

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Fun for the kids 

Great for the youth.."My kids love the idea of being able to put a fun image instead of wearing a boring mask. They think it's like Halloween." - Adele, Newport Beach

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Be Creative  

If your are going to cover your face, cover it with something to smile about!  


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Hilmar, CA, 95324, US 



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    Food Service 

    “I work at a national fast food chain and we pride ourselves on smiles and now we use this mask and people can now see my smile…and I know that, too! Makes a difference when I look at the mirror how people see me". -Adam, Lubbock

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    Light Weight Polyester

    "Like the material versus the homemade cover-up we have to wear to go into stores now. This is so much lighter my husband can tolerate and breathe better with it. Thanks!"- Rhonda, Chicago

About Us

We are a small family who have, as do many families, close friends and abundance of relatives that range from frontline nurses, doctors, police officers, firemen, paramedics, grocery store clerks, fast food cashiers, waiters and waitresses.

We all realized we needed to do something when the world seemed to be changing forever and to protect one another without the cumbersome, expensive and impossible to come by N95 masks! Our masks are not medical grade. We decided to develop “protection for others” in a fun way that makes the necessity of wearing a blah, often thick (anti-hot weather) material type mask for all walks of life! It’s a family business for families based in central California! Stay safe out there and have some fun doing it! - The My Real Face Masks Team