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The School Fundraising Program  

THE SCHOOL FUNDRAISING PROGRAM: Hello, fundraising leaders and team members! Your school, organization or club can approach various retail entities (and even individual people such as friends, neighbors and relatives) that may wish to purchase a customized, facial recognition mask OR any of the dozens pre-made, highly original and cool images you will find photos and corresponding order number for each on the downloadable, One Page Flier. Simply go to our website’s Fundraising Page to download 2 items, the One Page Sales Flier (to be printed on both sides, front and back) and your critical Order Form. The faculty fundraising leader can distribute these 2 items to any club or student organization as fundraising solicitation tools. In lieu of printing out this one page flier for their solicitation, the student may also use their tablet or a phone to bring up the same information in the Gallery from the website to show the potential customer and in order to complete a purchase. A QR code is another tool. (We strongly suggest that plenty of full color, hardcopy, hand out fliers be made and taken to leave at any retail situation.) We suggest this to help the sales person to not rely on just a tablet to show the mask selections just in case the decision maker is not home or at the retail store. Being able to leave this appropriate 1 page flier may result in a phone sale. Your salesperson will have an area in the front of the flier for their name and contact info thus not wasting a trip back to that location. At that point, if a call or email comes to the salesperson based on the previous left flier, simply collect the same information and place it on the order form to submit to Customer’s Name_________________________________ Date Sold______________ Address_____________________________City______________State_____Zip_____ Phone (_______) ________ _______________ Email________________________ Mask’s Item #____________ With the info collected, the $19.95 payment must then be sent by mail to the school or the salesperson via a check made out to MyRealFaceMasks. In this case, a receipt must be also made for accounting purposes for the school and for the We then ask the salesperson to take a photo of the Order Form’s information and (as with all sales) submitted to for the order to be fulfilled and sent to the customer. OF COURSE THE AGREED UPON “PROFIT” WILL, IN THIS CASE, BE SENT TO YOU. With these tools, the salesperson can approach retail stores as well as individuals as our fundraising campaign scenario provides. There will be a QR code for the perspective buyer to access in order to look at a number of masks samples (with order numbers associated with them) for which the student can complete the fundraising task by writing down the 9 necessary pieces of information needed to fulfill the order with their customer. Customer’s Name_________________________________ Date Sold______________ Address_____________________________City______________State_____Zip_____ Phone (_______) ________ _______________ Email________________________ Mask’s Item #____________ There is the need for just a basic, (3-part) carbonless receipt book to take out in the field as they solicit individual homes or businesses to give the customer, to be sent to with the order form and one to be kept for your student’s transaction, all for accounting purposes. Either way, it is critical that the student clearly collects all of the information needed to make and mail the masks for which they have had collected money for. (We suggest having both the student and the customer, reviewing and confirming all the information.) Also, it is important that on the receipt this information is written down clearly: The amount collected The student’s name The school name The Mask order number offers a wholesale pricing structure for fundraising efforts at a discount $13.95 with a suggested retail value of $19.95. This equates to a $6.00 net profit, per mask sold making this a very lucrative fundraising package. (The $19.95 price point is important regarding having to give change back and only having to deal with a handful of nickels that probably will not be asked for why the purchasing customer at the time of the sale.) One huge plus with our program is that the student will not have to make the standard, extra effort to “deliver” the sold item to the customer as we provide the shipping and fulfillment! Although some customers purchasing may wish to pay via a credit card, we wish to simplify the process for the students and the customer by taking only a 20.00 bill or a check. The $19.95 checks must then be sent by mail from the school to’s offices and made out to In this case, not only the order form but also the receipt must be also be sent for accounting purposes to for the order to be fulfilled and sent. Here too, the profit will then be sent to the school from With orders completed in the field, the information collected by the student to fulfill an order, will obviously be given to the in-charge faculty leader of the fundraiser who would in-turn submit to us (by mail with a check or via an email with a PayPal payment), the completed order form, our receipt copy, per order for us to produce and mail off the acquired customer’s mask choice. This could be snail mailed to us on a weekly basis to P.O. Box 261, Hilmar, CA 95324 with checks made out to OR by a PayPal transaction and, for the order information, an email to with all of the above details. We will immediately fulfill the order once the $13.85 per mask payment is received from the school. Obviously, the school will retain their $6.00 profit for their fundraising efforts. Another option for fundraising efforts is to approach a retail store in hopes of sign a larger quantity at a wholesale level rather than at an individual sales level. We offer quantities of 10 or 20 units in a countertop, point of purchase display. Basically, the salesperson would proceed in the same fashion, now being aware of the wholesale price structure on our website and the “minimum order quantity needed to offer a wholesale price to a retailer versus an individual. The sales person will direct the retailer buyer to our website’s shopping cart or the Wholesale Pricing tab. For retailers and in order to make this price structure work for discounts here, unlike the individual sales, we offer a Suggested Retail of $17.95 with the retailer receiving a wholesale price for 10 masks at $13.95 each for a $4.00 retailer profit, reducing the wholesale price to $11.95 for orders of 20 units, reflecting a higher $6.00 retailer profit. Again, cash transactions would be necessary to collect from the retailer for an order of 10 masks, $139.50 and for an order of 20 masks, $239.00. These would be all premade masks that the purchasing retailer can select from and for which we will for fill their specific order of 10 or 20 in whatever combination they desire from our Gallery. The one pager has generic masks, which are excellent for Fundraising with dozens of digital images including 15 male, 9 female, 6 “fun” kid and 6 smile only kid’s images…ALL WITH A VARIETY OF COMPLEXIONS. Please note with any “Custom”, Face, Image, Text or Message” mask order, the customer will have to place it through our website only. The commission for this “custom” mask would be a $3.00 per mask sale as the website offers a $14.95 +$3.99 shipping and handling fee.      

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Fun for the kids 

Great for the youth.."My kids love the idea of being able to put a fun image instead of wearing a boring mask. They think it's like Halloween." - Adele, Newport Beach

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Be Creative  

If your are going to cover your face, cover it with something to smile about!  


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    Food Service 

    “I work at a national fast food chain and we pride ourselves on smiles and now we use this mask and people can now see my smile…and I know that, too! Makes a difference when I look at the mirror how people see me". -Adam, Lubbock

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    Light Weight Polyester

    "Like the material versus the homemade cover-up we have to wear to go into stores now. This is so much lighter my husband can tolerate and breathe better with it. Thanks!"- Rhonda, Chicago

About Us

We are a small family who have, as do many families, close friends and abundance of relatives that range from frontline nurses, doctors, police officers, firemen, paramedics, grocery store clerks, fast food cashiers, waiters and waitresses.

We all realized we needed to do something when the world seemed to be changing forever and to protect one another without the cumbersome, expensive and impossible to come by N95 masks! Our masks are not medical grade. We decided to develop “protection for others” in a fun way that makes the necessity of wearing a blah, often thick (anti-hot weather) material type mask for all walks of life! It’s a family business for families based in central California! Stay safe out there and have some fun doing it! - The My Real Face Masks Team