Great Ideas for your "My Real Face Masks"

Here are some ideas  

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It is very important to protect Copyrighted images. Please refrain from using images created by others witout their permission.    

  • Selfies 
    Big Grin!
  • Think about what you want on your Mask.  
  • Generic placeholder image
    Pick a great graphic that says it all!  
  • Generic placeholder image
    Keep it short and simple to get your point accross

Being Creative!

Keep the ideas coming!

Your Face on Your Face(mask)!


Some Great Ideas. 

Your Doggie Photo Front and Center! For More Great Doggie Accessories Go To
Murder hornets are coming!

Very usable image just be careful to not let the background get to bright

Quality Photography 

Use these examples to help you in creating a Quality mask of your face
Getting close but head turned which makes one side of the face larger
No Glasses On Too Many Shadows
Too Low. Uneven Light on Cheeks
Too Far Away Too Many Shadows
Shadows on One Cheek

A Quality Photograph will help in creating a Great Mask.

A Quality Photograph will help in creating a Great Mask. (Please read before taking and submitting your photo) Take a number of selfie’s straight on at arms length (SEND ONLY ONE), with these very important considerations… 1) Take pictures outdoors in shady, soft light. 2) Don’t take in bright sun. 3) No bright lights behind you 4) Be careful of over flash 5) No shadows on cheeks /chin. 6) Consider the following: A big smile may over emphasize your mouth and your teeth, consider that for your mask image. (It could make you look more like a cartoon character.) Let your mask represent your FUN DEMEANOR: Images of Braces, Missing teeth, Pouting, Nose picking, Flossing or maybe Emoji's … 😷🙏🏽👌🤥🤙✌️🤬🐶🐸😛🌈💐😶🤥🥂🦴🇺🇸 Have some fun with a serious situation! Cellphone's wide-angle lens can distort if taken at close distance. (Remember to not tilt your head.)             


We are a small family who have, as do many families, close friends and abundance of relatives that range from frontline nurses, doctors, police officers, firemen, paramedics, grocery store clerks, fast food cashiers, waiters and waitresses. We all realized we needed to do something when the world seemed to be changing forever and to protect one another without the cumbersome, expensive and impossible to come by N95 masks! We decided to develop “protection for others” in a fun way that makes the necessity of wearing a blah, often thick (anti-hot weather) material type mask for all walks of life! It’s a family business for families based in central California! Stay safe out there and have some fun doing it! - The My Real Face Masks Team

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